• Grey Market Dental Materials

    We have all heard about the presence and availability of Grey Market Dental Materials for many years. What is the issue?

    We all receive flyers in our mail from third party resellers of dental … more

  • Internet Patients, Is This a Trend?

    Every calendar quarter (or so), the Case Manager and Program Director at CDPA remind us to do our housekeeping…that  means  connect  with  the  members  who   … more

  • Revised Sedation Guidelines

    Recently, there has been a rising trend among CDPA members having difficulties with breaches of the RCDSO sedation and anaesthesia guidelines. Once a facility permit has been granted, a periodic … more

  • The Dangers of Incorrect Exam Codes

    Third­party insurers use "dental mining tools" to profile your practice and then they will run a dental claim review. The time frame of a claim review can be quite long; with the usual time being … more

  • The Unexpected Costs of Contractors

    Employment arrangements and contracts are a continuing subject for us. It is important to understand and underscore the necessity of obtaining advice in this area. One of the firms that represents … more

  • Video Surveillance in the Dental Office

    Video Surveillance in the Dental Office The Assistance Program of the Canadian Dental Protective Association (CDPA) has had many inquiries from our members regarding the use of video surveillance … more